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We are an association devoted to the study of Lancashire literature, history, traditions and dialect.

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Lancashire Authors’ Association

A Potted  History, 1909 -2013


Lancashire Authors’ Association, set up in 1909

Went along very smoothly for some considerable time.


Then, a well known author, founding member one could say

Decided the time had come, to do things the proper way.


They settled on a committee, wrote a constitution too,

Setting out all the aims for the things they thought they should do.


They wanted to be philanthropic, encourage young writers in the art,

Sometimes that meant donations, a helping hand, so they could start.                                


They decided to publish a journal, the”Record” it was to be ,

Containing writings, news of activities, meeting dates for all to see.


They set up proper subscriptions to be paid at the start of the year,

Men two shillings, Ladies one shilling, so it wasn’t exactly dear.


They decided on quarterly meetings, an AGM would be one,

The other three would have speakers, entertainment, providing fun.


Lancashire History, literature and dialect, played a very important part,

In fact, it could be said, those things were its very heart!


The members resembled nomads, moving from town to town,

And like all Associations, LAA had its ups and downs.


In the nineteen twenties or there about, membership opened up

To those who were not writers but loved Lancashire and enjoyed a cup


Of tea, in friendly company and talks on this and that,

Visits to places of interest, bringing memories flooding back.


An LAA Library was founded and its catalogue way back then

Contained three hundred and fifty titles, that dramatically increased when


Owing to great difficulties, in the year nineteen ninety two,

The Lancashire Dialect Society, collapsed, simply fell through.


They still had several members, but none willing to take on

The running of the Society, so sadly, quickly it was gone!

  Some members joined the LAA, with a free sub. for one year,

But after that ,most disappeared and never more came near.

Over the years folk donated various trophies and cups,

Giving rise to several writing competitions being set up.


In 2006 a member wrote, “Its future’s in the lap of the Gods”.

Then in 2009 we celebrated our Centenary, against all odds.


The ups and downs still continue, but if LAA is to stay,

Then it has to attract new members, do things another way.


The membership is getting older and has to be replaced,

Although for some it’s not palatable, changes will have to be faced.



Copyright 2013  Olive J Riley


Lighting a Spark


I remember Tom with affection

In part, he changed my life.

He married an older sister

Who then became his wife.

While the two were courting,

Tom brought into our home

A large, black mechanical device,

It was called a gramophone.

He also loaned us records,

And through these he introduced me

To the wonderful, classical music

Of Elgar, Sibelius , Debussy,

And famous Kathleen Ferrier

With beautiful, contralto voice,

So that every Saturday morning

I couldn’t wait to make my choice.

I’d always enjoyed music,

Played the piano a bit,

But what came from these big black disks

Was different; it suddenly lit

A new spark of excitement,

Sounds which brought such pleasure!

For that I shall always be thankful

As I listen for ever and ever.



Olive J Riley  © 2012 



Stark stones, stand row on row,

Inscribed slabs where poppies grow.

Each marks a special place,

Brings to mind a dear one’s face.

Yesterday, for us they died

Spare time to think, to stand beside

The spot which has become a grave

Of some young man, who died to save.

They fought in squalor, mud filled trench,

Filth, lice, putrid stench.

They suffered that we might live,

If called upon could we give

A sacrifice so ultimate?

How would our courage rate?

Be still, salute who are no more,

Swept to death by savage war.

Remember at the Cenotaph,

They died, that we might live and laugh.



Copyright 2011  Olive J Riley


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