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We are an association devoted to the study of Lancashire literature, history, traditions and dialect.

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The Late David Kevill

It is with great sadness that I write of the passing of our valued member David Kevill.  David died at home on the evening of Friday 9th February 2024. David had experienced health problems during the last year and had a short spell in hospital prior to Christmas.  However he had worked very hard during the past months arranging a concert in memory of his late wife to raise funds for pancreatic cancer. Just shortly before his death all tickets for that concert had been sold, something which gave him great pleasure. His family have stated the concert will go ahead.

As a member of LAA David played a full part. I was the first person who spoke to him, to welcome him, on his arrival at the meeting in Chorley. In conversation he told me he was a retired accountant, but quickly followed with,  “But I don’t want to be treasurer!” I smile now, recalling that moment, as a few years later he willingly took over as the treasurer and did a brilliant job, being extremely efficient and a pleasure to work with on the committee.  Unfortunately during this time, his wife Judy became terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and so it was that with regret, David had no option but to resign from the post in June 2021 to be by her side.

As a writer, David joined when he was writing his first novel, a very interesting read, based on personal experience. He also entered the annual competitions and his stories were highly commended or commended in more than one.  ‘A Grand Day Out’ in the Mercer Cup Competition and ‘The Only Man’ in the William Baron Cup Competition of 2029.
David was also the ‘stand in’ photographer for LAA meetings and gladly took on that role when Peter was unable to attend, even arranging things around other family events. Photography was a keen hobby of David’s and helped him a great deal in overcoming his deep loss of Judy. He enjoyed photography trips to various outlying areas of the British Isles, bringing back beautiful photo’s and memories.

Although David gave up his committee position in June 2021, he was a great help to me while I was dealing with the LAA finances during the past 18 months and only two weeks ago he was doing his best to help Michael, our new treasurer to get to grips with the PayPal Account.

David and I had remained good friends and I shall miss him, as indeed we all will.
Olive Riley  Vice Chair




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