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We are an association devoted to the study of Lancashire literature, history, traditions and dialect.

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You looked at me with big, blue, eyes.

I was delighted.

Until I found out from a friend,

you were short-sighted.

You trembled with passion when we got near.

I found out later, you trembled with fear.

Your smile was so wide, your teeth so white,

I found out later, they came out at night.

We went out together, once or twice.

I found out then, it wasn’t quite right.

I’d to buy my own drinks, pay my own way,

You said you were on very low pay.

Honestly, really, I wouldn’t have bothered,

But did you really have to bring your mother!!


© Gill McDonald-Constable



I love my hedgehog slippers.

I think they’re really sweet.

My lovely hedgehog slippers,

warm and soft upon my feet.

They’re just like mini duvets

wrapped around my toes.

But whoever’s seen a duvet

with shiny eyes and pointed nose!

They’re cosy, warm and snugly.

Well at least that’s what I think!

Though there’s some that think they’re ugly,

And even some that think they stink.

But I wouldn’t swap my hedgehogs.

Not for slippers made of mink.


© Gill McDonald-Constable



Sitting alone, in a brightly lit café.

Clawed hands clutching the warming cup.

Misty eyes gaze through arabica perfume.

People pass by, and she never looks up.


What does she see in the ribbons of steam?

Who does she hear in the voice of the crowds?

Where does she go as she sits all alone?

Back to the time when she stood tall and proud?


As memories pass the window one by one.

The younger she smiles out from her old lips.

She used to be a Goddess on the dance floor.

There’s no more dancing on arthritic hips.


You can’t wish back Time, it goes too fast.

Dance as hard as you like, you can never catch up.

Time stirs you around. You’re there, then you’re gone.

She watches the bubbles in her cold coffee cup.


© Gill McDonald-Constable



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