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We are an association devoted to the study of Lancashire literature, history, traditions and dialect.

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from Sid Calderbank


And A Happy New Year to all members, new and old, of the Lancashire Authors’ Association from me, your new President – how did that happen? As many of you know, in May last year I was invited to take on the role of President of the LAA, which came as a complete shock as I was not even a member and I’m certainly not much of an author but, after a few conversations with Olive Riley and other members of the committee, I agreed.

It is an honour for me, as I have always been very enthusiastic about preserving Lancashire’s “intangible heritage” through the song, music, dance, literature and dialect of the county and it’s because of this that I have ended up on the committee of the Edwin Waugh Dialect Society and as  Chairman of the Lancashire Society, which was formed, almost ten years ago, from the remains of the old Lancashire Dialect Society.  By adding the LAA I get a full set and maybe I can make a difference – so let’s tackle the big one, the one subject that comes up in every conversation, - what are we going to do?

All the above organisations have similar aims and are suffering from the same problem – an ageing, failing membership with very few new, especially young, members coming forward to take their place. Society has changed and people no longer commit to organisations, hobbies or even jobs, their involvement is limited to taking “experiences”. Communications that I struggle to keep up with have replaced a physical attendance at events and this is obvious at everyone’s meetings. It’s not just us, last year I visited over fifty social and special interest groups in my capacity as a speaker and, with very few exceptions, all are the same.  Something needs to be done and we’re the ones that are here.

I don’t have an answer at the moment but I am open to suggestions and whilst I have a finger in everyone’s hotpot, (to coin an old Lancashire saying), let me make the first suggestion. Let’s start by supporting what we’ve got and turning up at the meetings we already have in the calendar. From there we can establish a firm base from which we can start to think about what we’re going to do for future generations. And then we’ll have a cup of tea.

All the Best





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